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As we work on our vehicles and equipment, we often run into problems or questions relating to a diagnosis or procedure. We wanted to create a method where we could network with one another to assist each other with these questions. We were going to create our own "forum" but there are several emergency vehicle bulletin boards or forums available. The links below will connect you to emergency vehicle technicians from around the country instantly. Just follow the instructions on the site you are transferred to and post your question. Responses will be posted as people read your question. Remember, you can browse the questions from other technicians and respond to help them out also. We hope this helps you with your work.

Emergency Vehicle Technicians Association


We support and encourage the certification of Emergency Vehicle Technicians. We provide EVT certification testing at our Annual Spring Seminar and have members that attend the Emergency Vehicle Technician Certification Commission Validation Conference. We encourage all EVT's to receive certification. Please see the EVTCC website for more information.

Emergency Vehicle Technicians Certification Commision



Take a look at what the California Fire Mechanics Academy is up to

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